Essential Texans III: We're not last responders As the funeral industry handles half a million COVID-19 related deaths in the United States, journalists dub its frontline workers as essential “last responders.” Glenn Bower,...

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Texas Silver-Haired Legislature Supports Supplemental ERS Pension Funding from State for Pension Soundness

The Texas Silver-Haired Legislature (TSHL) is an essential nonpartisan advocacy forum for older Texans (60 and over) to discuss senior citizen issues, debate those issues, and establish legislative priorities for the Texas Legislature to consider....

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Essential Texans II: Staying the Course As Texans find their pandemic escape in the state park system, park rangers work overtime to keep these little cities of nature open. You probably couldn't tell it's been a challenge. We recently...

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Texas Was Ready When Texans in need of mental health services began quarantining, they turned to virtual counseling (a.k.a. telepsychology) to stay well. If not for Texas state employees, those seeking telepsychology may not have found so...

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