TPEA testifies as sole employee group in favor of reasonable work-from-home measures

Before the Senate Business and Commerce Committee this week, TPEA testified from the "perspective of state employees working from alternate work sites." The committee heard testimonies regarding the interim charge that requires legislators to "Study...

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The AMBA Story: Here To Serve Members Like You

Association Member Benefits Advisors, or AMBA, may not be a name you’re familiar with yet, but may play an important role in your life already. AMBA's services and benefits have been helping association members like you for over 65 years....

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Stem Cells Could Get to the Root of One of Dental Care’s Greatest Problems

Dental implants are one of the late 20th century’s most important innovations in dental treatment. In their favor, implants are one of the most proven and effective treatment to replace teeth offered in modern dentistry. With regular brushing...

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Summer Safety Tips for Seniors

Don't Let The Heat Take A Toll On You. Did you know older people are more susceptible to heat-related illnesses and injury? As we age, our body becomes less efficient at regulating temperature and is unable to generate as much sweat as much as it...

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