Texas Silver-Haired Legislature steps up in fight for state retiree benefits

In a recent report, the Texas Silver-Haired Legislature (TSHL) announced their top ten priority resolutions for the upcoming session. Number 6 on the list is to "Authorize a 13th Month Annuity Payment to Employees Retirement System (ERS) Retirees."...

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Glenn Hegar announces unprecedented funds to allocate in the 2023 legislative session

The Comptroller of Public Accounts, Glenn Hegar, announced that the state will have an extra $27 billion to spend in the 2023 legislative session.  When a  committee of legislative members asked how lawmakers should spend the money,...

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How Pets Improve Your Health

And AMBA Passport Can Improve Your Pet's Health Whether it’s dogs or cats, it turns out our pets are called our best friend for some very good reasons. They do as much to take of us as we do to take care of them. Pros of Having a Pet If...

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Good Foods to Lower Bad Cholesterol

You probably already know that having high cholesterol levels - especially “bad” LDL - is linked to an increased risk of heart disease and stroke. What you may not know is that your diet has a major effect on your cholesterol and other...

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