How to confirm your Texas voter registration before the primaries

January 15, 2016

Primary election races are already heating up, and in just a few short weeks, presidential candidates will descend upon the Lone Star State. If you plan to vote in the March 1 primary election, it’s a good idea to confirm your voter registration status on the Am I Registered? website.

Search for your voter registration information using your driver license number and birth date or your first and last name, county, and birth date. If you’re registered, you’ll receive a results screen that lists your precinct.

If you’re not registered, the deadline to register to vote in the March 1 primary election is Feb. 1. This is either a postmark date or the date your county voter registrar’s office receives your application. Find voter registration applications at libraries, post offices, DPS offices and other locations; complete an online application to print and mail to your county voter registrar’s office; or request that a postage-paid voter registration form be mailed to you.

Early voting will take place Feb. 16–Feb. 26. For additional information about the upcoming election, visit, a project of the Texas Secretary of State.


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