State Employee, Retiree Issues Up for Interim Study

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and Speaker Joe Straus have each released interim charges directing House and Senate committees to research specific topics that require more in-depth study than the limited time a legislative session allows. Interim charges...

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Why the ERS Sunset Review Is Important to Watch

For the first time in two decades, the Employees Retirement System (ERS) will undergo a Sunset review by the Texas Sunset Advisory Commission. The Sunset process allows the Legislature to examine how the agency can operate more efficiently. (The...

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Nov. 3 Election Preview: Don't Forget to Vote

Texans will vote on seven proposed constitutional amendments this coming Election Day (Nov. 3). If you aren’t yet registered to vote, the deadline to do so is Oct. 5. (Check whether you’re registered and print a voter registration...

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Oct. 1 Paychecks Reflect New Legislation, 2016 Insurance Premium Changes

When you receive your Oct. 1 pay stub, you’ll note the effects of both new legislation and Plan Year 2016 insurance premium changes. How much these changes affect you will vary based on your specific circumstances, but most active employees will...

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