Membership FAQs

I receive your informational emails, so why should I join TPEA?

Without a professional and effective advocate on your side, there’s no assurance your valuable benefits won’t be whittled away. TPEA membership is an inexpensive investment that ensures you have a professional and well-respected voice at the Capitol looking out for your interests and the benefits so critical to your financial well-being. Our advocacy is only possible with the support of a strong, engaged membership—in other words, with your support.

In addition to supporting advocacy for active and retired state employees, TPEA members also receive additional communications and have access to a variety of services and discounts (log in for full details). By using just a few of these discounts, you can easily save more than the cost of membership.

How are your dues dollars used?

Your dues dollars enable TPEA to provide professional legislative advocacy from an experienced team of lobbyists who have formed strong relationships with key decision-makers and have extensive knowledge of the issues facing active and retired state employees. In addition, dues allow us to deliver comprehensive yet easy-to-understand communications about legislative issues and policies, as well as facilitate valuable ancillary benefit programs. All of your dues dollars stay in Texas.

I’ve retired. Can I still be a member?

Yes! TPEA invites retired state employees to continue their membership (or join for the first time) in the Retiree category. The dues are only $2.50 per month and can be deducted from your annuity. If you have recently retired and would like to maintain your membership, please join online or contact the state office for assistance.

I’ve left state employment. Can I still be a member?

Yes! We welcome former state employees and friends of state government in our Associate category. Dues are only $2.50 per month. Not only is this a great way to support the state workforce (and protect future benefits you might have earned during your state employment), but also you will have access to TPEA’s services and discounts.

How long will it take for my membership card to arrive?

Your new member packet/membership card should arrive within 10–14 days. If you need a membership card before then, you may request a temporary card.

I’m transferring agencies. Will my TPEA membership continue uninterrupted?

If your membership dues are deducted from your paycheck, then please click here to complete a new application.

I’m not sure if I’m a TPEA member. How can I find out?

Please call (888) FOR-TPEA (367-8732). A TPEA staff member will look you up in our database.

Are TPEA memberships tax-deductible?

No. Unfortunately, TPEA membership dues are not tax-deductible as charitable contributions for federal tax purposes.

How can I get involved?

TPEA’s strength lies in its numbers. We encourage members to spread the good news about TPEA’s premier advocacy, outstanding communications, and valuable services and discounts programs to other state employees. We are happy to send you promotional materials to pass along to a friend. We offer several lunch-and-learn opportunities for state agencies.  

Help! I’ve lost my membership card.

We are happy to replace your membership card. Please complete this form to request a replacement. We can provide you with a temporary membership card or mail a replacement card, which you will receive within 10–14 days.

Help! I can’t log in.

Please contact TPEA online or by calling 888-FOR-TPEA (888-367-8732) during business hours for assistance. 

How do I access my TPEA services and discounts?

Most TPEA services and discounts are accessible online. Simply log in to the Services and Discounts page of the TPEA website to find the necessary codes and links. Members also receive a new member packet with a benefits guide when they join the association. Please contact TPEA if you’d like to receive a PDF of this guide for reference.

The most up-to-date information on TPEA services and discounts is available online; services and discounts are subject to change at any time and without notice.

When I sign up for TPEA am I automatically enrolled in the supplemental insurance programs, such as the dental and vision insurance?

No. These are supplemental insurance benefits available at specially negotiated rates to members. To take advantage of these programs, members must complete a separate online enrollment process and create a separate payment arrangement directly with the insurance broker. Insurance premiums may be paid by credit card or bank draft; they cannot be deducted from your paycheck.

What does TPEA advocate for?

Our message is simple: Every Texan benefits when our state’s public servants have a secure retirement, competitive salaries, and adequate and affordable health care options. These benefits help the State attract and retain the highly qualified, stable workforce needed to carry out its mission.

What does it mean when you say TPEA’s a nonpartisan, nonunion organization?

TPEA is a nonpartisan organization because we do not support one political party or group over another. Rather, we support elected officials who recognize that competitive compensation, quality health insurance and secure retirement benefits are necessary to attract and retain a quality state workforce. TPEA views itself as a partner in government with the Legislature. Our members are public servants dedicated to carrying out the State’s mission at a good value to the taxpayer.

TPEA is nonunion because we are an independent, Texas-only organization governed by members elected by their peers to serve on the TPEA Board of Directors. All of your dues dollars stay in Texas; none are spent on an unrelated national agenda. Our bylaws strictly prohibit TPEA from affiliating with or endorsing a labor union, as well as outline the association’s philosophy against collective bargaining. TPEA does not provide representation to individual employees during grievances or disputes with management.

What is EMPACT?

EMPACT is TPEA’s political action committee, or PAC, and is funded by voluntary member contributions. EMPACT allows TPEA members (who, as active and retired state employees, have limited financial resources) to combine their contributions and make a greater impact. EMPACT makes contributions and officeholders who support state employees and retirees.

I receive TPEA’s informational emails at work. Why do you need my home email address, too?

Your home email address is an important piece of information to share with TPEA. Although we can send emails about legislative activities or ERS benefits to work email addresses, we cannot send information about grassroots advocacy or TPEA membership benefits. Please send an email from your preferred address, and include your name, home address and member number, if possible. Doing so ensures you receive TPEA’s advocacy alerts as well as our monthly Member Mails highlighting your membership benefits.

How can I join the text alert system for legislative information?

Simply text TPEA to 313131 to receive a text alert when it’s time to act fast. Your carrier’s standard message and data rates will apply.

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