EMPACT Lone Stars

The EMPACT Lone Star Award recognizes those TPEA members who donate a cumulative total of $50 or more to the political action committee during a 12-month period (June–May).

Here are the EMPACT Lone Stars for 2021:

  • Allen Boenig
  • Don Hunt
  • Jacquelyn Dingley
  • Joel Seffel
  • Lynda Schmeltekopf
  • Rebecca Berryhill
  • Ann Bishop
  • John Maxwell
  • Mike Gilliam
  • James Hine
  • Eduardo Reyes
  • Sally Baulch
  • Tony Owens
  • Brett Ferguson
  • Delbert Griffin
  • Jack Dugas
  • Joe Golson
  • Victoriano Casas
  • Ray Hymel
  • Tracy Cumby
  • Jan Thomas
  • Carroll Fuchs
  • Gregory Ranft

You must be a TPEA member to donate to EMPACT. Donations are not deductible for Federal Income tax purposes. Donations to the Texas Public Employees Association Political Action Committee (EMPACT) are voluntary and are used for political purposes. Corporate checks may be accepted for administrative purposes only and cannot be used for political activity.

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