Pay Raises

Here is a list of agencies that requested salary or pay increases and the Senate Finance SB 1 committee's decisions/modifications. Note: TPEA is still reviewing and analyzing each agency's budget requests and decisions and will continue updating this page with current information.

Agency Request type Approval Status Amount
Secretary of State Salary increases  Senate $250,000 for salary increases and reclassifications of positions related to statewide election administration 
Texas Ethics Commission Programmer salaries    
Texas Public Finance Authority Merit pool    
Department of Criminal Justice Salary increases  Senate 3% salary increase ($34,142,064) for correctional officers in maximum security facilities 
Juvenile Justice Salary increases Senate  
Office of Capital & Forensic Writs Salary parity ADOPTED

$487,200 to increase average salaries from $75,000 to $95,000 for 12 attorneys

$103,530 to increase average salaries from $58,000 to $66,500 for 6 mitigation specialists

Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission Reallocation Senate  
Board of Dental Examiners Merit increase ADOPTED

$147,976 to restore appropriations for salaries affected by the 5% Reduction in Force - positions funded include: 

Anesthesia investigator: $56,560

Statewide investigator: $91,416

Board of Pharmacy Merit increase ADOPTED  
Board of Plumbing Examiners Merit pay   $50,000 for personnel compensation 
Executive Council of Physical & Occupational Therapy Examiners Merit pay Senate $36,498 for merit salary increases
Funeral Services Commission Salary increases Senate 8 staff salary increases ($47,002)
Optometry Board Merit pay Senate $14,000 for merit-based raises
Securities Board Salary increases Senate $310,802 for partial restoration of 5% reduction to be used for additional staff and/or law enforcement pay increases

We see the work you do. You deserve a raise. TPEA supports these agencies and their pay requests, as well as an across-the-board raise for the entire state workforce.



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