Highlights - Bills from 87th Legislature

The following bills related to state employees and retirees became law after passage in the 87th Legislature:

  • SB 22 provides workers compensation to those state employees who contract COVID-19 at their jobs.
  • SB 44 expands authorized leave for state employees voluntarily serving in various disaster relief organizations.
  • SB 321 provides an ongoing biennial payoff of the almost $15B debt of ERS and creates a new class/group of retirement--a cash balance defined benefit plan--for all employees hired on or after Sept.1, 2022.
  • SB 437 creates an Advisory Council within the State Office of Emergency Management re protective equipment for health care workers and other essential personnel, which will hopefully promote the stockpiling of such gear before any pandemic in the future.
  • SB 483 requires reports on their investment performance from ERS and TRS to be submitted biennially to the Legislature.
  • SB 1071 enhances disability retirement benefits for law enforcement officers under ERS.
  • SB 1359 requires all public agencies to have a mental health policy for peace officers.
  • HB 917 allows one ERS Board member to be an elected retiree.
  • HB 1589 would entitle public employees in military reserve status to paid leave if deployed to disaster or combat duties.
  • HB 2063 creates family leave pools within state agencies to allow additional time off so employees with ill (e.g., from COVID) family members could care for them.
  • HB 3898 requires the state and employees' cumulative contribution to the pension fund to equal or exceed the actuarially required rate.


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