Discount Capital Metro Passes

Save up to 25% on Local and Commuter 31-Day Passes

TPEA has partnered with Capital Metro in a pilot program to offer members a discount of up to 25 percent on Local and Commuter 31-day passes.

This program is being discontinued as of November 2017. The final deadline to order passes is Oct. 20, 2017.

Program Guidelines

  • TPEA membership is required to receive the discount.

  • Limit of one pass per member per month.

  • All passes will be mailed to the purchasing member.

  • The deadline for orders is the 20th of each month. Orders received by the 20th will be processed and mailed to the purchasing member by the first of the following month. (For example, order by Dec. 20 for your pass to be mailed by Jan. 1.)

  • A 3.5 percent administrative fee will be added to online orders to cover credit card processing costs.

  • TPEA’s ability to provide this program and the retail price of Capital Metro passes is subject to change by Capital Metro.

Pass Description Retail Price
Member Price by Mail
(Pay by Check)
Member Price Online
(Pay by Credit Card)
Local 31-Day Pass
Local Service includes all services EXCEPT MetroRail, all Express routes 935-990 $41.25 $30.95
(25% discount)
(22% discount)
Commuter 31-Day Pass
Commuter Service includes MetroRail, all Express routes 935-990, plus all Local services $96.25 $72.70
(25% discount)
(22% discount)

TPEA membership is required to receive the discount on Capital Metro passes.

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