TPEA Membership Awards

Each year during its annual meeting, TPEA recognizes those members who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and dedication to the association. The following awards are presented:

100% Membership Certificate

If at any time since Jan. 1, 2020, any state agency unit with employees eligible for membership in your Chapter has enrolled all of these eligible members in TPEA, and you so certify, the Board of Directors will award a certificate acknowledging that achievement.

Joe G. Hanover Award

Named in honor of an active membership recruiter and TPEA supporter, the Joe G. Hanover Award recognizes outstanding effort in promoting the association as a membership worker and recruiter (minimum of five years).

Top Hand Award

A “Top Hand” is recognized from each TPEA region. The award recognizes outstanding effort as a membership recruiter in the Texas Public Employees Association in the past year.

Ed Riedel Award

The Ed Riedel Award honors the TPEA member and leader who has an outstanding record for dedication and tenure and for furthering the aims of the Texas Public Employees Association. The award serves as a living memorial to the late Ed Riedel, a long-tenured TPEA member. Nominees must have a minimum of 10 years of dedication and tenure in TPEA.