TPEA Speakers Bureau

Presentations Available for Lunch-and-Learns, Agency Meetings, Etc.

State Employees & the Legislature: An Advocacy Overview

In this general overview, we explain the relationship between the Legislature and the state workforce. We cover the Legislature’s role in determining state employee compensation, benefits and the future of the ERS pension fund. We provide an overview of the election cycle, the interim and the legislative session.

Legislative Update: Issues Affecting the State Workforce

In this topical presentation, we provide an overview of current legislative issues affecting the state workforce. 

Meet TPEA, Your Voice at the Capitol

In this presentation, we discuss the history and role of TPEA, the only nonunion, nonpartisan membership association and legislative advocate for both active and retired employees. Founded in 1946, TPEA played a vital role in the establishment of the ERS pension fund and the offering of health insurance to state employees. We explain how TPEA’s role has evolved over its seven-decade history and what’s on the horizon in terms of legislative advocacy, communications and ancillary benefits.

Estate Planning: Top Ten FAQs

Statistics show that more than half of Americans do not have a will, leaving their families vulnerable to costly court fees and legal battles. Longtime TPEA benefit provider Texas Legal will explain the benefits of estate planning. Founded by the State Bar of Texas and continuing to operate with its trusted endorsement, Texas Legal is a nonprofit that has helped thousands of Texans through legal benefit plans covering common areas of law at rates that provide affordable access to hundreds of qualified attorneys.

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