Apply to Serve on the ERS Group Benefits Advisory Committee

Posted on 9/22/17

If you’d like to serve your fellow active and retired state employees, consider applying for an appointment to the ERS Group Benefits Advisory Committee (GBAC). Beginning in 2018, this committee will provide input to the ERS Board of Trustees on the planning and development of Group Benefits Program (GBP) offerings, including but not limited to health insurance; prescription benefits; dental, life, disability and vision insurance; wellness programs; and tax-preferred savings accounts.

ERS will accept applications for committee appointments until Oct. 15. The committee is the result of a Sunset Advisory Commission recommendation that ERS obtain regular stakeholder and expert input on benefit administration and design through an advisory committee. The GBAC’s recommendations will not be binding, but the ERS board will receive an annual report on the committee’s activities, as well as minutes and/or summaries of the GBAC’s two yearly meetings.

The ERS board will appoint no more than 11 GBAC members, with the first appointments made at the December 2017 ERS board meeting. Representatives of the following groups may be considered:

  • State agencies, large (more than 800 GBP enrollees)
  • State agencies, mid-size (100 to 799 GBP enrollees)
  • State agencies, small (fewer than 100 GBP enrollees)
  • State institutions of higher education, four-year
  • State institutions of higher education, community and junior colleges
  • Retiree, Medicare
  • Retiree, non-Medicare
  • Health-related institution academic, administrator or healthcare practitioner
  • Insurance or benefit design consultant or professional

Only the first two groups (large and mid-size state agencies) may have two concurrent appointments, and no two appointments may be actively employed by the same state agency. Active employees must provide evidence of their employers’ support for their service. Board members will serve staggered three-year terms, though inaugural appointees will serve terms of between two and four years.

GBAC members will not be paid for their participation, and the ERS board has not finalized rules for travel reimbursement.

For more information, as well as the GBAC charter and application, please visit the ERS Group Benefits Advisory Committee web page.