About TPEA

State Employees Work Hard for Texans ... TPEA Works Hard for You

If you’ve worked for the State of Texas, you know how important public servants are to the citizens of Texas—and you need to join a membership association that understands, too. The Texas Public Employees Association (TPEA) is that association.

Founded in 1946 by dedicated state employees, TPEA has fought for almost 70 years to promote and preserve the quality benefits enjoyed by state employees and retirees—the benefits that make it possible for Texans to devote themselves to careers in public service. Today, we are the largest association for active and retired state employees, and we’re also the only nonunion, nonpartisan association serving public servants during and after their careers. We were instrumental in the creation of the Employees Retirement System (ERS) pension fund, and we successfully lobbied the Legislature to offer health insurance to state employees and retirees.

Unfortunately, without a professional and effective advocate on your side, there’s no assurance these important and valuable active and retired state employee benefits won’t be whittled away. Your TPEA membership in an inexpensive investment that ensures you have a professional, well-respected voice at the Capitol looking out for your interests and the benefits so critical to your financial well-being.

Key Moments in TPEA History


State agency leaders, seeking to provide state employees with benefits comparable to the private sector and worthy of public servants, begin talks to form TPEA.


Following World War II and the passage of a Retirement Act by the 50th Texas Legislature, state employees charter the Texas Public Employees Association in March 1946.


TPEA members and the Legislature work to amend the Texas Constitution to provide for a state employee pension fund. The Employees Retirement System began operations Sept. 1, 1947.


TPEA works with the Legislature to pass legislation providing paid health insurance coverage for state employees through ERS. Previously, state employees acquired coverage as a benefit of TPEA membership.


TPEA, the oldest and largest voice of Texas state employees, works with lawmakers to craft House Bill 9, legislation that preserves the ERS pension with actuarially sound contribution levels.

  • Nonunion membership organization

  • Nonpartisan advocate for active and retired state employees

  • Governed by members elected to the TPEA Board of Directors

  • Independent—no national affiliations

  • Texas-only—all dues stay in-state

  • 501(c)6 tax-exempt organization under the Internal Revenue Code

Membership Benefits

  • Legislative advocacy
  • Communications about legislative issues and other news affecting active and retired state employees
  • Services and discounts that help Texas state employees and retirees stretch their families' dollars

TPEA does not provide representation to individual employees during grievances or disputes with management.​