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  State Employee and Retiree Survey for the
86th Legislative Session
The survey is now closed. Newsletter subscribers, expect to receive a recap and analysis of the responses soon!

Legislative Update: HB 596

TPEA appeared this morning before the House Pensions, Investments, and Financial Services in opposition to HB 596. This bill carves out of the three elected members of the ERS Board of Trustees one position that may be either an active service employee or a retiree. The new structure would apply to the first election for the board that occurs after September 1, 2019. TPEA's letter to the bill author and committee members (a copy of which is posted on the TPEA website) argues that this change will politicize the fiduciary nature of the board's decision-making process by pitting one group of beneficiaries against the other. The bill was left pending before the committee, but could be voted on at any subsequent meeting of the committee.

Read the letter here.
The State Auditor's Office has issued its summary report, "Full-Time Equivalent State Employees for Fiscal Year 2018." The purpose of the report is to provide updated information to the Legislature and public about FTE numbers in state agencies and institutions of higher education, as well as to track historical trends concerning management-to-staff ratios.

The report found that the number of FTEs in state agency employment declined by 3.1% from FY2017 levels. This represents a loss of 4,613.4 FTES, reducing the current total FTE count to 144,905.9. The number of FTEs does not equate to the actual employee headcount, but reflects a ratio that reflects the number of hours that an employee works compared to 40 hours a week (e.g., two employees working 20 hours a week equals one FTE). The report also found that the number of FTEs complied with average management-to-staff ratio mandated by statute (1 manager or supervisor per 11 FTEs).

The report is available here.

Legislative Update: HJR 10

Rep. Giovanni Capriglione (R-Southlake) has introduced a constitutional amendment establishing the Texas Legacy Fund (TLF) and Texas Legacy Distribution Fund (TDLF) to finance certain infrastructure and long-term obligations of the state, including unfunded liabilities in the ERS Retirement Trust Fund. HJR 10 requires the Comptroller to transfer one-half of any unencumbered balances at the end of a biennium to the TLF (the other half goes to the Economic Stabilization Fund, or "Rainy Day Fund").

Read more.

2019 Election of Directors for the State Board

The board currently consists of 14 Directors who serve at-large.
The following director positions have terms ending on 8-31-19:

Julia Johnson - Retiree - Austin - Not eligible for a 2nd term
Rusty Smith - TxDOT - Lubbock - Not eligible for a 2nd term
Shirley Reynolds - Retiree - Lufkin - Eligible for a 2nd term           

Important 2019 Election Dates

04-29-2019 Nominating Committee must submit its nominations to the board. 
06-29-2019 Active Members of the Association shall elect Directors at the Annual Meeting. 

Read more about the announcement here.

House and Senate Budgets, Senate Supplemental Appropriations Bills Introduced

The base House and Senate budgets, which were released yesterday, maintain the 9.5% state contribution rate to the ERS Retirement Trust, as well as the additional contribution by general state agencies approved last session. This brings the total state contribution to 10%, the maximum allowable rate under Art. 16, §67, Texas Constitution.

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Texas Workforce by the Numbers

A statistical look at Texas' public workforce,  compiled by the Texas public Employees Association.

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Posted on 3/8/2019

Texas Workforce by the Numbers

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2018 Scholarship Recipient

The Liberty Mutual Insurance/TPEA Scholarship ($500) is awarded based on special skills, scholarship abilities, community service and future employment needs. Members of TPEA, their spouses and their dependents are eligible for the award. The 2018 recipient is Joseph Luis Micus, who will be studying Medical Engineering at Texas Tech Honors College in Lubbock.

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