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TPEA Endorses Brian Barth for ERS Board of Trustees

TPEA is proud to endorse Brian Barth for election to the ERS Board of Trustees. At its meeting in Austin on April 6, the TPEA Board of Directors voted unanimously in favor of endorsing Brian and assisting his campaign in any way possible.

As a member of the ERS Board of Trustees, Brian will discharge the fiduciary duties of the office with integrity, good sense, and decades of experience in the public sector. He will use his skills as an administrator to unify the agency behind decisions that promote the long-term actuarial health of the ERS Retirement Trust and preserve health care benefits for public employees. Brian has also pledged to support and advocate for a 13th paycheck for retirees at such time as the Trust can distribute one without harming its actuarial soundness. Brian will bring the kind of leadership public employees need from those to whom we entrust the sound and prudent management of their retirement assets.

Voting begins on Friday, May 10, and ends on Friday, June 14. Please cast your vote for Brian Barth.

Texas Business Leaders Endorse Employee Pay Raise

Approximately 94% of state employees make less than the market average.
This has led to high employee turnover rates among state employees, which is negatively impacting Texas businesses.
Read more from Texas business leaders.

TPEA’s 3 for 20 New Member Recruitment Program

Recruit 3 new members, and you’ll earn a $20 Gift Card*!

TPEA invites you to participate in 3 for 20, our 2018-2019 member recruitment program. It’s easy to participate: For every three new members you recruit, you’ll receive a $20 Gift Card.* Gift Cards never expire and can be redeemed toward millions of items at PLUS: For every new member you recruit, you’ll receive one entry in monthly drawings for a $100 Gift Card. There’s no limit on the number of Gift Cards/prize entries you can earn. We’ll send out the $20 Gift Cards once a month, and we’ll conduct the monthly drawings on the 1st Monday of each month. To receive credit for the members you recruit, ask each new member to write your name on their paper membership application or to list you in the “Sponsor” field on the online membership application. Download printable applications at , or direct potential members to the TPEA website. Questions? Call (888) FOR-TPEA (367-8732) or email

The Texas House passed its version of SB 500 (, the supplemental appropriations bill. Thanks to the efforts of House Speaker Dennis Bonnen, House Appropriations Committee Chair John Zerwas (R-Houston), and the members of the Appropriations Committee, the bill went to the House floor with $150 million to reduce the unfunded liability in the ERS Trust Fund. This additional funding received a unanimous vote in the Texas House.

SB 500 now goes back to the Senate and then in all likelihood to a conference committee to resolve differences between the House and Senate versions. Please take time to call or email Speaker 
Bonnen, Chairman Zerwas, and the House member who represents you to tell them how much you appreciate their vote for state employees.

Contact House Speaker Dennis Bonnen:
Contact House Appropriations Committee Chair John Zerwas:
Contact the Texas House member who represents you:
The State Auditor's Office has issued its summary report, "Full-Time Equivalent State Employees for Fiscal Year 2018." The purpose of the report is to provide updated information to the Legislature and public about FTE numbers in state agencies and institutions of higher education, as well as to track historical trends concerning management-to-staff ratios.

The report found that the number of FTEs in state agency employment declined by 3.1% from FY2017 levels. This represents a loss of 4,613.4 FTES, reducing the current total FTE count to 144,905.9. The number of FTEs does not equate to the actual employee headcount, but reflects a ratio that reflects the number of hours that an employee works compared to 40 hours a week (e.g., two employees working 20 hours a week equals one FTE). The report also found that the number of FTEs complied with average management-to-staff ratio mandated by statute (1 manager or supervisor per 11 FTEs).

The report is available here.

2019 Election of Directors for the State Board

The board currently consists of 14 Directors who serve at-large.
The following director positions have terms ending on 8-31-19:

Julia Johnson - Retiree - Austin - Not eligible for a 2nd term
Rusty Smith - TxDOT - Lubbock - Not eligible for a 2nd term
Shirley Reynolds - Retiree - Lufkin - Eligible for a 2nd term           

Important 2019 Election Dates

04-29-2019 Nominating Committee must submit its nominations to the board. 
06-29-2019 Active Members of the Association shall elect Directors at the Annual Meeting. 

Read more about the announcement here.

Texas Workforce by the Numbers

A statistical look at Texas' public workforce,  compiled by the Texas public Employees Association.

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2019 Scholarship

The Liberty Mutual Insurance/TPEA Scholarship ($500) is awarded based on special skills, scholarship abilities, community service and future employment needs. Members of TPEA, their spouses and their dependents are eligible for the award. The deadline for applications is Friday, May 31st. Get the application here.

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