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About TPEA

Texas Public Employees Association (TPEA) is the state's oldest and largest member organization representing the interests of all Texas state government employees and retirees since 1946. TPEA has more than 15,000 members who vote, write and call their legislators and who work to promote the interests of state employees and retirees. There isn't an organization in the state with as many state employees and retirees with such a quality track record.

Your membership and participation is needed!

There has never been a more critical time to band together to protect our rights. In each session of the legislature, the call goes out to cut state employee pay, force layoffs, slash hard-won benefits such as insurance contributions and holidays, and raid retirement funds. Employee salaries and benefits automatically reset to zero each legislative session.

It is a constant effort to maintain your rights and benefits and that effort needs your help. Every member is critical to the success of TPEA! Join TPEA today and encourage your co-workers to do the same. TPEA is both a non-partisan and non-union organization. During its history TPEA has consistently held its guiding principle of service to the people of Texas through promotion of the highest standards of employee conduct in governmental affairs, and encouragement of a strong sense of civic responsibility among its members.

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Code of Ethics

Public service is a public trust. As an association comprised of public servants, we will be open, ethical, responsive, accountable, and dedicated to the members we serve. We will foster an environment free of bias and respectful of all individuals and make the best use of available resources.

We will be guided by these codes:

We value integrity above motives of personal gain.

We will deal honestly and truthfully when dealing with our members and the public.

We will value the worth, dignity, and rights of all people.

We will promote solutions through communication based on mutual respect.

We value the contributions, needs, and potentials of all state employees.

We will manage and operate the Association as efficiently as possible by making the best use of available resources.

We will commit ourselves to the pursuit of excellence in everything we do.

We are committed to base our actions and decisions upon facts.

We take pride in our commitment to public service and to the people we serve.

We will act in a professional manner and give our best effort to continuously improve services to our members realizing that each situation has different circumstances.

We will strive to accomplish our Mission and promote and uphold the public trust through adherence to the law, the Bylaws of the Association, and our tenured policies set by the Board of Directors.

We need each other to do our jobs and be ready to assist in any way possible in a harmonious manner.